About us

Steelite Capella Wind has been founded by Indian Enterprise Steelite Engineering Ltd by a Joint Venture Agreement with Goliath in 2015 to Manufacture the Latest Technology of Wind Turbines in Mumbai, thus making India a Hub of Manufacturing Steelite Capella to cater the World Market being Make in India. ​

Steelite Engineering Ltd was established in 1979, an M P Shah Enterprise, Founded by M P Shah.

Are one of the largest manufacturers of Cable Trays in India since last35 years having large list of reputed and quite satisfied clientele like Enron Bechtel International Inc., NTPC, ALSTOM, ABB, BHEL, EIL,SIEMENS, MECON etc. We have all the facilities like Fabrication, Galvanizing and Testing Laboratories etc. under one roof at our Works ably supported and supplemented by well qualified and experienced engineers/ technicians. We have developed Special Type of Flexible Support Systems, which is very cost effective, economical, and easy to handle, easy to install and very flexible to endure the site requirement. This is 100% superior than the conventional Support System. The weight of the material is very less and there is no need for fabrication / welding to be done at site. It is totally flexible and it has the required load bearing capacity saves pro-engineering cost, man-hour cost etc. As per International American Standards, we have special type of Imported Machines for manufacturing such flexible and low cost supports. It has manifold benefits, which has been accepted and approved by NTPC for their Simhadri Project. We are the only Company to supply this item to NTPC Simhadri Project. We are the only one and magnanimous manufacturer & exporters in India and approved by M/s Enron Bechtel International Inc. for Dabhol Power Project and it is internationally utilized by International Contractors/ Consultants. Enclosed catalogues of the same for your ready reference. Please note that we undertake Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, Erection, Supervision, Contract, as this helps to supplement proper utilization of the system and to achieve cost saving being the new concept. We are sure, that you would definitely like to save themselves cost and adopt latest technology for effective execution of the project and the Plant.

We have extensive facilities – all our own – including a most modern unit run on state-of- the-art technology for hot dip galvanizing with spare capacity to do regular job work. All light and heavy fabricated structures including Street Lighting Poles are also galvanized in this unit.

We have extensive sales and services network in the country and Corporate Entities like Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited(BHEL), National Thermal Power Corporation(NTPC), Nuclear Power Corporation (NPC), State Electricity Boards, Docks, Shipyards, Fertilizer and Petrochemical Industries in addition to Building Industry in general are our regular customers, besides multinationals. Bechtel International Inc. of Enron fame for Dabhol Power Project in Maharashtra(Western India), Humphreys & Glasgow, Toyo, Siemens, Alstom, ABB, Snam Projectti – Italy and testing, quality inspection agencies / consultants like EIL, PDIL, MECON, UHDE, IBR, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas are also our esteemed clients.

On November 7th, 2015, Goliath Wind signed a Joint Venture agreement with Steelite Engineering Ltd., Mumbai India, and the parties will together establish Steelite Capella Wind India. The Joint Venture will market and produce the Capella™ turbines in India and close export markets based on Engineering coming from Goliath Wind. The operations of the Joint Venture will be situated in Mumbai. Steelite Engineering Ltd. is a family owned company with a long and proud history of more than 60 years in the Power Energy Sector within steel fabrications for energy solutions.

The Capella™ 3 turbine will the first Goliath Turbine to be introduced to India, and is - at the time of signing - the largest turbine to be manufactured in India and will be so under the "Make in India" Programme of the Government of India.

Steelite Engineering Group

  • Established in 1965 by Mr. M P shah chairman of the group
  • Widely diversified group of companies.
  • Occupied with manufacturing, supply and commissioning of infrastructure requirement of galvanised steel accessories.
  • For power transmission & distribution system.
  • Pioneer in hot dip galvanising steel.
  • Manufacturer of complete cable tarys and support systems
  • Specialist in struts support & accessories in all finish
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Frp
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Epoxy
  • Enamel painted
  • Pvc coated
  • As per international standards (nema)
  • Manufacturer of hot dip galvanising steel accessories.
  • Transmission line towers, tele-com towers, sub-station, cable trays & supports.
  • Promoters of renewable energy.
  • Total solution provider for wind & solar power.
  • Real estate & land developers.
  • Epc contractor for infrastructure development in the country.

Goliath Wind


Founded in 2008 on the idea to develop a low cost but efficient modular ring generator, which can be manufactured everywhere. Goliath Wind market our Capella wind turbines to project developers globally and manufacture, deliver, install and service them locally via a network of partners.

Capella’s simplified modular, but high efficient design drives Cost of Energy down.

Own patented technology was used to develop an innovative drive train concept. On the other hand, repairs on so-called gearless designs had often required to take down entire machine heads. Both issues had been a huge burden for investments in wind farms.

GOLIATH Wind has built several ring generators of up to 16 metres in diameter for capacities of several Megawatt. The company has got a team of engineers from different fields and countries. German engineers with long track records and expertise in wind turbine design have integrated the innovative drive train into a highly competitive wind turbine.