Make in India : Joint Venture Established


On November 7th, 2015, Goliath Wind signed a Joint Venture agreement with Steelite Engineering Ltd., Mumbai India, and the parties will together establish Steelite Capella Wind India. The Joint Venture will market and produce the Capella™ turbines in India and close export markets based on Engineering coming from Goliath Wind. The operations of the Joint Venture will be situated in Mumbai.

Steelite Engineering Ltd. is a family owned company with a long and proud history of more than 60 years in the Power Energy Sector within steel fabrications for energy solutions. The Capella™ 3 turbine will the first Goliath Turbine to be introduced to India, and is - at the time of signing - the largest turbine to be manufactured in India and will be so under the "Make in India" Programme of the Government of India.

Joint Venture for the Future

To meet the Target set by our Beloved Prime Minister to power the Rural: ​

  • A Joint Venture will be formed between Govt. Of india Enterprise (51%) and Steelite Capella Wind (49%)
  • The Joint Venture will supply, install, operate and service Capella Wind turbines in India under the Rural Electricification Programme of more than 1 GW.
  • The Capella wind turbine is the latest and the only technology in India, which achieves the optimal generation of kWh utillising less area and at low wind speeds.
  • It has a very sturdy and maintanable design, with highest reliability and a operational (fatigue) life of minimum 25 years.

Hence, the Capella turbine represents the best value for money.