World Class Technology

Durham University, UK Generator Idea and patent

Goliath Wind, Estonia Generator and turbine design

Deif Wind Power, Denmark Control and pitch systems

Mecal, Netherland Load Calculation and power curve

LM Wind Power, Denmark Blades and aerodynamic performance curve

Windnovation, Germany Load Carryring parts, hub and nacelle.

Türme Unlimited, Germany Tower and foundation

DEWI OCC, Germany Certification

Capella turbines are designed by world class designers and consists of world class components

The Capella™ Solution

Simple modular design which can be manufactured cost-efficiently locally, near to the site.

Ultra Direct Drive Design in welded tube structure with 94% efficiency, replaceable/redundant units and elimination of high risk components maximizes performance and facilitates localisation.

Down-tower placement of converter unit ensure fire safe and voluminous easy-to-manufacture Nacelle. Full work-shop assembly includes main frame, yaw system and support systems.

Casted load carrying parts make localization quick and safe.

Advanced Lattice Tower Design designed with standard profiles minimizes tower, foundation and installation cost and allow for near site manufacture and at site assembly.

Flexible in choice of blades.

25 years fatigue life.